Most women don't realize that there's a correct way to put on a bra—and we want you to use our help so you look the best you possibly can in our products (unlike the women shown above!). You know your bra doesn't fit properly if the back rides up (the underband should sit around your ribcage, not between your shoulder blades), your breasts fall forward, and/or you're bouncing all over town.

Cups too small
Ill-fitting bra
Back riding up
Bra without support
No support or shape


First, put your shoulders through the straps and bend over at the waist while letting your breasts fall gently into the cups. Make sure your breasts are evenly distributed. Secure the underband clasps so the bra fits snugly, but not too tightly. Then, level the back of the bra so it's slightly lower than the front by adjusting the straps and pulling the underband down. (Straps actually only account for 20 percent of bust uplift—the cup and underband do all the rest. So, by tightening the straps to try and create a better lift, you're only in for a world of shoulder and back pain). Each breast should rest completely within the cup of the bra, and your nipples should be at the center of the cup, right underneath the seam. Finally, make sure the bra moves with you and doesn't rub against your chest. If it does, tighten the underband.

Lifts and supports
Perfect fit!
Proper fit in the back
Now that's an Uplifting Experience
Perfect fit!