Bra Tenders has been supporting, sculpting, smoothing and shaping the heavenly bodies on Broadway stages for over three decades.

Our five-star, award-winning personal service helps women find foundation garments that fit and flatter, and uplift the body and soul. It’s our sincere vow to help you find the undergarments you need to look and feel your best—whether you’re performing in a brand new show, getting married, doing a headstand in yoga, or simply walking down the street.

On the theatrical end, we help costume and wardrobe designers bring their vision to life. Our job is to make their lives easier – whether navigating strict wardrobe budgets or working within tight timelines. Bra*Tenders knows what women need and want. Our mission is to empower women to look and feel beautiful and confident, and to love, accept and embrace their unique beauty.

-Lori Kaplan, Founder

Fairy Bra Mothers


A fashion merchandising graduate from Brooks College, Long Beach, California, Cristal has been fitting at Bra Tenders since 2009. She considers it a great privilege to work in this industry.

“With every appointment, I get the opportunity to impact someone’s life. Sometimes it’s a good therapy session while getting a bra fitting. Knowing your body, loving yourself, and looking good is my goal for all our clients to walk away with.”


Although new to the Bra Tenders world, Rebecca is no stranger to working within the entertainment industry. While earning her Master’s, she worked on professional sets of many of today’s hit films and television shows, gaining the grit needed to effectively manage the fast-paced and customer oriented company that is Bra Tenders. She is dedicated to ensuring the success of her peers and the satisfaction of her customers.

“The best part about working for Bra Tenders is having the opportunity to help women feel comfortable in their own bodies. I feel privileged to work amongst those looking to make a positive impact on the lives of others.”


A veteran of the United States Navy, Vera has been doing professional fittings for the past seven years and has been working in the retail industry for even longer. Her experience and knowledge are invaluable to the staff and customers of Bra Tenders.

“Working with women has been an awakening experience on how we beat ourselves up about what society deems as the norm for body image. It has raised my awareness and respect for the survivors of breast cancer.”


A veteran of the profession, Eddy has been helping women for over three decades. Eddy also assist in the operations of Bra Tenders and has a deep understanding of trends in the industry.

“I have met the most wonderful and interesting women in this profession. Young, Old, Wives, Mothers, Daughters, Nieces, Aunts, Grandmothers, Celebrities, High-Powered Women. Each and everyone all amazing in their own right. All enriching my life through connecting with them, even for just a few moments.”