If you are fortunate enough to have healthy and flexible shoulders and arms that allow you to close your bra behind your back, do so. If not, it is perfectly OK to close the bra in front of your body and spin it around.

Whichever way you get into it, follow these steps to ensure a proper fit.  

Bend slightly from the waist and allow breasts to gently fall into and fill the cups. Lift the breasts one at a time, from the bottom, and Swoop and Scoop them up and away from your armpits, into the center of the cups. Make sure that each breast is nestled in its own cup, and that nothing spills or bulges out the top of the cup, below the cups, or creates armpit bulges. If the bra has seams, nipples should be aligned with seam.

- If the cup is not filled out, it’s too big. If you get bubbles or quadraboobs, the cup is too small.

- The center bridge should sit flat against your breastbone. If it stands away, the cup is too small.

- The cup should sit in line with the crease of your armpit – that’s where the boobs begin.

- Hand wash if possible, otherwise use a lingerie bag and NO dryer. The heat eats the elastic.

- If the bra band is up between your shoulder blades, the band is either too big, or the shoulder straps are too tight.

- Bra should feel snug around your ribcage, and have enough space for two fingers to slip under the band without pinching. The elastic will stretch and relax with wash and wear. Fasten the bra on the loosest set of hooks to start. 90% of the support of the bra comes from the band being snug around the ribcage, parallel to the floor, in the same place, front and back.

- Get a bra check up every year to determine if your size has remained the same, or if changes to your body require a new size. A woman’s bra size changes about 6 times in her life due to weight loss or gain, pregnancy and breastfeeding, medication, exercise and physical activity.

- The most common problem we see with ill-fitting bras are band sizes that are too big and cups that are too small. Many full busted women aren’t aware that bras are available in small band sizes (28, 30, 32) with full cup sizes (D-JJ).