Memos at BraTenders

BT is a service business that stocks and sells often difficult to find products, required by costume and design crews and casts working throughout the entertainment industry. Oftentimes these requests come with a deadline of: “Need it yesterday!”  Every purchase requires the time and efforts of our professional, 4-person team. We are a highly specialized small business, which allows us the flexibility to provide these goods and services in a timely way to an on-demand clientele. Understandably, this also makes returns very costly in terms of time and money. 

There is a $50 Pull/Consultation fee if you ask us to research, source, pull product, or otherwise use our time, attention and effort to assist you, and don't make a purchase.  

Pulling memos is a privilege, based on the assumption that your production will spend money in our shop.  If all you do is “borrow” items, or use them for photo shoots, or scene shots, it’s dishonest to return the used garments.  It is disrespectful to the work we do. And the women who do it.

This serves as notice of BT’s new return policy effective immediately unless otherwise contractually agreed:

  • A handling fee equal to 35% of the value of the memo, or a minimum purchase, whichever is greater, will be applied to every return. This means that if you borrowed an item valued at $100, $35 would be charged for its use/return.  
  • Goods must be in PERFECT, sellable condition to be accepted for return.  Items that are marred by makeup stains, sweat, grease, blood, glitter, glue, or any other substance,  will not be accepted for return, and you are responsible to pay for the garment in full. 
  • Special orders must be pre-paid and are not eligible for return. 
  • Any garment with a gusset must be purchased and is a FINAL SALE. This includes all panties, boy shorts, thongs, briefs, shapewear, g strings, tights, men’s underwear, dance belts, and modesty wear. 
  • Garments purchased in multiples are FINAL SALE.
  • Accessories, adhesive products, hosiery are FINAL SALE
  • Bust pads, butt pads and other enhancers are FINAL SALE
  • All Hosiery is FINAL SALE
  • All Memos are due for return after 5 days.   
  • Any memos still outstanding  past 10 days will be billed in full without exception.

BT recommends Virtual Fittings in lieu of removing garments from our shop “on memo”.  BT staff are available to meet with any member of the design team to discuss the look the foundations will help create, either in person or virtually. Then, when BT meets with the cast members for fittings, they can observe their bodies, and understand which sizes and styles best suit their and design team’s self-described needs.   

BraTenders would like to thank you for your understanding of these policy changes and looks forward to continuing the mutually beneficial relationships established with their long-standing clients. Remember, if you can’t find it…we can!


Please send us a detailed email describing what you're looking for and see "Theatrical Purchase Spec Sheet" if you need help and call us at (212) 957-7000 if you need further assistance!