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In-Person Bra Fitting Appointment

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When you book a perfect bra fitting appointment, you'll receive undivided attention from one of our fit and style specialists. Our staff will size you up just by looking, no measuring tape or confusing formulas here, just tried and true fitting techniques that are Broadway and TV costume designer tested and approved. Our bra fitters find the perfect, all you have to do is show up and put yourself in our capable hands.


Fittings Return Policy

There is a non-refundable $50 consultation fee if no purchase is made after an in-person or virtual fitting.  There is also a $50 No Show fee for last-minute cancellations or missed appointments.

The fitting Fee will be refunded for purchases of $150 or more

The following items cannot be returned or exchanged:

  • bra inserts, nipple covers, adhesive products,
  • any and all bottoms, including panties, leggings, shapewear, and packaged hosiery items that have been opened.
  • Special Orders must be prepaid, are not cancellable, and are Final Sale.  

Garments that are tried and not purchased are sanitized with UV lights and kept out of stock rotation for 2 days.  

Bra Tenders is an inclusive space and welcomes anyone needing assistance with undergarments

1. How to Prepare Yourself For Your Professional Bra Fitting

  • Please allow one hour for the bra fitting and adjustments
  • Ask questions when you're not sure about the fit of a bra
  • Wear your newest or best-fitting bra. This will allow our style specialist to see your current fit and determine your bra size
  • To schedule an In-Person Bra Fitting appointment, click on the Select Date Button

2. Are In-Person Bra Fitting FREE? 

Bra Tenders offers In-Person Bra fitting service. The fitting fee of $50 is applied to purchases over $150.

3. Is a professional bra fitting worth it?

A professional bra fitting ensures a proper fit, comfort and support for your breasts. A professional fitter can help you find the right size, style and brand of bra that will work best for your body. This can save you from ill-fitting bras that can be uncomfortable and cause health issues. Buying a properly fit bra is the single most cost effective and immediate way to improve your appearance in clothes.

4. Where to get a professional bra fitting?

Whether you'd rather have an in-person or online, virtual consultation, Bra Tenders is your Go To. Our fitters will give you their full attention, using the same fit and styling techniques that are Broadway and television costume designer approved. Visit our website and use the "Select Date" button to set up a consultation.

5. What happens during a bra fitting?

During a bra fitting, our staff will help you find the perfect fit. We'll start with a visual assessment, discuss any comfort issues, and use tried and true techniques (no measuring tapes) to determine your correct size. We'll show you a selection of bras in your size and style preferences; you'll have the opportunity to try on multiple bras that fit and flatter your shape. Our staff will also provide guidance on how to properly care for your bras.

6. Virtual Bra Fitting Appointment

Bra Tenders also offers Virtual Bra fitting. We help you find a bra that fits in your proper size.