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Unlike a full breast form, enhancers are meant to fit with natural tissue to add size or enhance cleavage. Where the standard TRANSFORM® enhancers fit under or beside breast tissue, the Queen Size Breast Enhancers fit over breast tissue. They are contoured across the back to fit snuggly over the tissue that is already there. They are not as deep as a breast form. Queen Size enhancers add about an inch.

Our Queen Size breast enhancers are made of 100% silicone encapsulated in a thin polyurethane film that offers the feel and movement of natural tissue. These breast enhancers have our built-in nipple and can be easily adhered to the body with double sided tape. The symmetrical oval shape can be worn on either side of the body and can be turned for the best fit.


Sizes: 1 size
Colors: Beige, Soft Sable
Gel: Standard weight gel matches natural tissue
Nipple: Internal, medium color
  • Symmetrical to fit either side of the body
  • Fits over natural tissue to add cleavage or size
  • Can be turned sideways or vertically for the best fit
  • Can be held in place with TRANSFORM® Double-sided Tape or TRANSFORM® Security Strips
  • Sold in pairs only