How to Properly Wear a Dance Belt:

Step into the dance belt, and bring it up to the waist like standard underwear.  It will feel much more snug than your Hanes briefs, as it should, because this is a functional support garment.  

Adjust your genitals by reaching into the pouch and positioning the equipment upwards, with your testicsles in the front.  Your penis should be facing upward (12 o’clock) toward your lower abdomen.

Once you’re nicely nestled, gently pull the front of the dance belt down, while lifting the back to adjust the thong, so it sits comfortable between your cheeks.   If needed,  pull the waistband up higher to keep tension in the thong.  If a thong isn’t your  thing, full seat dance belts are also available. 

If you’ve never worn a compression type garment before, it may take a little adjusting to get used to the feeling.  Most men we know like the supported feeling.  

You will look neat under whatever clothes you wear.  

How To Measure Your Bra Size:

  • Get Ready - Put on a bra without padding. This will help to generalize shape ever so slightly as well as lifting the breast so as to access the ribcage better.
  • Ribcage Measurement- Exhale, releasing the air from your lungs, and wrap the measuring tape snugly just below the breasts around the ribcage. Write down this number.
  • Cup Measurement- Loosely wrap the measuring tape around the fullest part of your breast. Write this number down.
  • Doing the Math– Subtract your ribcage measurement from your cup size measurement.  We start counting Cups at B. 

Remember, the cup size measurement is a starting point, and not written in stone. Breast tissue firmness, fullness and shape are variables that change with each individual.  A common example of mis-measuring might have a shallow breasted woman measuring at a smaller cup size than is truly ideal for her body. Also note, that each brand has a multitude of styles, and they might be for petite, average or full figures, so each style will fit slightly differently even though they are the same size.  Some brands also offer full busted styles and sizes, which accommodate petite to average band sizes with ample  cups. 

Nonetheless, below is a size chart which will tell you what you are measuring at in cup size after subtracting your band from your cup measurement. The below chart is based upon US and French sizing.   (UK sizing is different, and offers larger cup sizes than most US or French brands. A UK G cup is the equivalent of a US I cup. Best to consult with someone who has knowledge of these sizes and brands for the best fit.) 


1″ - B    

2″ - C     

3″ - D    

4″ - DD/E       

5″ - DDD/E/F            

6″ - DDDD/F/G                

7″ - FF/H 

This should give you some idea as to where to start your bra fitting journey.  If you find yourself in New York City, come see us, and we’ll help you figure it out in a NY minute! 

Lifespan of a Bra:

The average lifespan of a bra is 6-12 months, and is wholly dependent on how you wear and care for them. We advise you to have, at the very least, 2 bras in rotation to preserve and prolong the life of each. It’s OK to wear your bra more than once before washing, barring any messiness that might necessitate it — heavy sweat, spills, heavy perfumes. Our bras work hard to support us, and if we take care of them, they will take care of us. We Recommend Forever New Lingerie Wash, or the new, rinse free Soak.