How to Properly Wear a Dance Belt:

Step into the dance belt, and bring it up to the waist like standard underwear.  It will feel much more snug than your Hanes briefs, as it should, because this is a functional support garment.  

Adjust your genitals by reaching into the pouch and positioning the equipment upwards, with your testicsles in the front.  Your penis should be facing upward (12 o’clock) toward your lower abdomen.

Once you’re nicely nestled, gently pull the front of the dance belt down, while lifting the back to adjust the thong, so it sits comfortable between your cheeks.   If needed,  pull the waistband up higher to keep tension in the thong.  If a thong isn’t your  thing, full seat dance belts are also available. 

If you’ve never worn a compression type garment before, it may take a little adjusting to get used to the feeling.  Most men we know like the supported feeling.  

You will look neat under whatever clothes you wear.