Because of the uncertainty about how COVID-19 lives on soft surfaces and fabrics, we have updated our memo terms.

We are recommending Virtual Fittings in lieu of removing garments from our shop “on memo”.  I can meet with any member of the design team to understand the look the foundations will help create.  Then, when you meet cast members for fittings, I can observe their bodies, and know their bra sizes, which is much more efficient than the back and forth of many bras in wrong sizes.  

You may memo up to 3 bras at one time, and they must be returned within 5 days.  You will be billed for the total amount, and refunded whatever you return.   There is a 25% restocking fee if nothing is kept.

NO bottoms will be allowed on memo.  We suggest you purchase one of each style you want, in however many sizes you need for fittings.  

Special order merchandise must be paid for in advance, and may not be cancelled, returned or refunded. 

There are disruptions in the supply chains due to Covid.  All of our trading partners are working with staff reductions, as well as lack of basic raw materials.  Please order well in advance of your deadline as shipments are slow and taking a long time to be processed.