Consulting Services

Welcome! I’m Lori, The Fairy Bra Mother, and Bra Guru of Broadway, and I want you to have The Uplifting Experience!

If you’re here, chances are pretty good you’ve been wearing ill fitting, improperly sized, uncomfortable bras, and are ready to take the first step to improve that situation. Does your bra hurt? does it ride up between your shoulder blades, and no matter how you tighten the straps, you just can’t get the lift you want? Tired of bulging boobs under your tops? I get it. Been there. I was sporting Triple-D when I was 16.

You’ve tried everything, shopped everywhere, used all the formulas to measure yourself, only to be frustrated by a still improper fit. So you settle. You settle for something that’s just fair because you’ve not been able to find the perfect fit, and don’t have a clue what your bra size should be.

I am here to tell you that you deserve only the best. Women tend to settle for things that don’t satisfy us, we make do with so-so. But we all deserve the best, we are worthy, There is no reason to get dressed in the morning based on whether you have a bra that fits! You can have a custom made dress that costs a boatload of money, and without proper undergarments, it will hang like a rag. But with great foundations, you can wear a $2 t-shirt and will look like a million bucks!

Bra Tenders stocks 81 sizes in bras, so please rest easy knowing that YOUR size is out there. Nobody ever taught you, hell, your own mother probably never learned her size either. In my 40 year career as The Fairy Bra Mother, my team and I have Uplifted and Empowered thousands of women whose lives were changed by their bra fitting with us. Women who decided to stop settling, who understand that investing in yourself is the best investment you can make.

We’ve worked with many celebrity clients to help them prepare for a role on stage or screen, or attend an awards gala, or other red carpet event, and have consulted with the designers and artists who construct the clothes and costumes. We’ve been smoothing, sculpting, shaping and slimming the heavenly bodies on Broadway for decades!

Our legendary expertise is now available to you at home! It’s not just bra fitting, it’s a life altering experience that will boost your self esteem and confidence. A proper fitting bra, sometimes coupled with a piece of Shapewear, can make you look smooth, lean, long and confident to wear clothes you have shied away from. You will feel uplifted, and love how you look.

A proper fitting bra is the single most cost effective, painless, and immediate way to improve your appearance. Some people think they look 10 pounds thinner and 10 years younger in a NY minute.

We believe every woman needs a 5-7 piece basic bra kit, which consists of the different types of bras 90% of our customers have purchased. these are:

•Basic T-shirt bra, or whatever your favorite everyday bra is. At the least you should have one in Nude and one in black. The more bras you have in rotation, the longer each will support you. You want to have backup for the days you wash your bra.

•Strapless bra- Many strapless styles also have attachable straps, so you can wear one bra 5 ways.

•Sport bra- The amount and type of support you need is determined by your activity level. If you practice yoga, and decide to go horseback riding, you will need a much more supportive bra that encapsulates and contains each breast to keep them from bouncing, and hurting yourself!

•Leisure/Lounge bra- For days when you don’t feel like strapping yourself in, but can’t be braless while directing a play date at home with your 10 year old boys and their buddies.

•Little Black Bra or Fun/Flirty bra, or both if you’re budget can handle it.

There are different types of specialty bras, such a bustier that would be worn under a wedding dress, or ball gown. There are plunge bras, and low back bras, and adhesive bras for when you’re going to show a lot of skin, and your top won’t cover a bra.

For this Bradventure, you will be sized and fit by me, and will have 2 hours of in person time. We will evaluate your bra wardrobe, and briefly look at your clothes, and then help you purchase a bra wardrobe that works with all your outfits.

I’ll teach you the correct way to put on a bra, you can’t just slap it on, there is a fine tuning process. I’ll teach you how to care for your bras so they remain in good shape. The average life of a bra is 6 months to a year, and is wholly dependent on your wear and care.

Exchange: $800

This fee covers two hours of in-person service, and 45 minutes of video chat. Additional time is billed at $200 per hour in 1/2 hour increments.

The cost of a bra wardrobe is not included in the package.

Virtual Bra Fitting - This fitting can take place from anywhere in the world.

We’ll connect by Zoom and discuss proper fit, go over your measurements, and find your bra size starting points. There is no universal sizing in the bra world, so the advantage of working with me is that I have vast knowledge of how cup sizes fit, and how styles within each brand might fit. You’ll benefit from my expert opinion on how your current bra fits, as well as my suggestions of what brands, in which sizes you should shop for. I’ll also teach you how a bra should fit correctly. I assure you, it is a life changing experience.

Perfect if you:

•Can’t make it to the shop, for whatever reason that may be

•Have a shy or modest teen girl who needs her first bra

•Just had a baby and don’t understand what happened to your breasts

•Realized that even on Zoom calls, you need to look professional

•Have no time to shop

•Have an upcoming special occasion and don’t know what to look for

Option A

$50 for (1) 20 minute session during which I will breastimate your bra size, and suggest brands and styles that I think will work well for you, based on criteria you provide. There is no obligation to buy products from us.

Option B

The $50 fee is waived when you make a purchase of $50 or more.If you want to purchase products from us, we’ll have a second brief meeting to evaluate the new bras you got from us, and make any adjustments that need to be made.

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The Fairy Bra Mothers offer virtual fittings by Zoom, FaceTime, Google Meetings.

Now you can take advantage of the same expertise that costume designers and wardrobe stylists have had for decades! We have extensive knowledge of intimate apparel products, and are especially known for our curious and uncanny SUPERPOWER of being able to look at someone and know their bra size. We’ve already gotten so many requests for our expert help by women who don’t live in or near New York City, who have heard of, or seen a video of fittings in our shop.

We will book your Virtual Fitting once we receive the credit card authorization form. Also, just like in our shop, there will be a $50 cancellation/No Show fee for missed appointments.

Here’s out it works:

We believe every woman needs a Basic Bra Kit, which consists of 5-7 different types of bras, those being: T shirt bra, Sport Bra, Strapless bra, Bralette or leisure bra; Little Black Bra, or something colorful, fun and flirty.

Also, there are a variety of accessories, and adhesive style bras and tape products that give fuller busted ladies a lift so they can wear more wardrobe options.

We all need a basic bottoms kit, too, which consists of:

At least 7 pairs of daily undies, whatever your personal preference is, be it bikini, brief, boy short or thongs. Hanky Panky, Chantelle Soft Stretch, and Commando are some of our best sellers.

1 or 2 shapers or smoothing garments for clean silhouettes beneath clingy clothes. Spanx and Miracle Suit are some of our most popular brands.

Option A

The fitting fee will be applied to your purchase of $50 or more. A good quality bra will range from $59-199. Well constructed, proper fitting undergarments are a worthy investment in yourself. We will include free shipping for purchases over $500.

1st Fitting:

In the first 20 minute session, we’ll ask you to wear your best fitting bra, and if you are modest, can wear a snug t-shirt over it. Ideally, we want to see how the bra fits, whether the band is too big or small, whether the cup size is too big or small, any bulges, gaps or bra problems. 90% of our customers were wearing bras with too big a band, and too small a cup at the time of their fittings.

We’ll send you a few bras to try, and then have a second video consult. You can schedule the fitting when you receive the package, and want additional fit help.

You will be billed for the entire amount of goods sent. Your account will be adjusted based on the goods you return. If you keep all, you’ll get a 15% discount. If you keep none, you will be charged $50 for the virtual fitting.

Items must be returned with tags attached and in perfect condition, and postmarked, within 7 days of second fitting. No stains, no tears, no smells. Management reserves the right to determine what is “perfect, salable condition.”

We recommend keeping the box we ship the goods in, and make any returns using that box.

We suggest you make an appointment for an in store fitting if you find yourself to be a difficult fit.

Merchandise that is returned will be sanitized, and kept out of stock for 2 days.

Option B

If you want to know your bra size, and aren’t ready to make a purchase the fee for a virtual fitting is $50. During the fitting we can recommend brands and styles in your size.

Fit Guidelines:

Make sure you are wearing your best fitting bra for all measurements.

The size (and brand/style) of the bra that you are currently wearing. In a few words, describe the problem with the fit, such as, "I have quadraboobs, the band rides up, the straps fall down, I bounce when I walk"…

Your measurements – Grab a soft tape measure, like a seamstress would use, and measure yourself wearing only your best fitting bra.

• 1st measurement: measure yourself around your ribcage, directly beneath your breasts, ensuring the tape is snug and parallel to the floor. This is your band size. bras come in band sizes from 28-48. Make note of that number

• 2nd measurement: This time, Measure yourself across the fullest part of your breasts. If you have exceptionally heavy breasts, you might want to bend from the waist so your breasts are pointing toward the floor, and then measure yourself.

The difference between the 2 measurements is your cup size.

Example: Underbust measures 32. Fullest part of bust measures 40. The difference is 8, starting with B cup as the first cup size. An 8 inch difference would mean you wear a 32G in some brands, or a 32I in others.

Most women are not even aware that such sizes exist! Our expertise is due to the fact that we know how the different brands and sizes fit different breast shapes and sizes.

Things to Consider:

• What type of bra are you looking for?

• How active is your lifestyle? How much support you want/need depends on this.

•If you are pregnant or nursing, What size were you pre-pregnancy? How much has your size changed so far during your pregnancy?

•We recommend you have at least 2 bras in your rotation. The better care you take of your bras, the longer they will support you.

•The average woman changes bra sizes 6 times during her life.

•Wearing a properly fit bra is the most immediate, economical, and pain free way to improve your appearance! Customers have told us they love looking pounds thinner simply by wearing a good bra.