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Lightweight and flexible, this sleek looking model is made from MStevens proprietary 6-way stretch spandex fabric called ‘Milliskin'.  That makes this dance belt extremely stretchy, which can be both a blessing and a curse.  

77% nylon/23% Lycra

MStevens takes a bit of extra care with the design, adding an additional seam line into the 2" full circumference waistband to insure the elastic won't roll over inside.  It hides perfectly under tights.  Even under a unitard, there’s no show-thru dance belt outline.  However, there is no padding layer, just a double layer of spandex in the pouch, so some “twig and berries” detail replaces the traditional dance belt round mound.

The thong is the narrowest of all dance belts tested so there's no feeling of excessive material between your legs, but that also means it rides extremely deep.  No problem while wearing it, but taking it off can literally be a pain!

The MStevens is considered by many to be the most comfortable dance belt available