About Film, TV and Theater

BraTenders, the renowned lingerie and bra fitting boutique in New York City, has made significant contributions to Broadway, film, and TV industries by providing expertise in undergarments and wardrobe solutions. 
 1. Broadway: BraTenders is known for its work in Broadway productions, where costumes and undergarments play a crucial role in bringing characters to life. The boutique's expertise in fitting actors and actresses with the right bras, shapewear, and undergarments ensures that costumes fit seamlessly and comfortably. This attention to detail helps performers focus on their roles without discomfort or wardrobe malfunctions.   
2. Film and Television: In the world of film and television, BraTenders has been a go-to resource for costume designers and stylists. They assist in ensuring that actors and actresses look their best on screen. Whether it's period pieces, contemporary dramas, or fantasy genres, BraTenders' guidance in selecting the appropriate undergarments enhances the overall visual authenticity of characters. 
 BraTenders' contribution to these industries extends beyond just fitting bras. They offer valuable insights into how undergarments can affect an actor's posture, comfort, and confidence, all of which are essential elements in delivering convincing performances. Their work behind the scenes helps create memorable moments on stage and screen, making them a trusted partner for costume designers and production teams in Broadway, film, and TV.