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"Great fitters, excellent stock, especially for special occasion and bridal foundations."

Alyce G.

"Bra Tenders is a New York City Bra "fit" institution. Lori has served "Broadway" clients and a multitude of Broadway audience members for many many years. Please visit her to find your perfect fit bra and shape solutions."

Tatyana P.

"Great products and prices, and wonderful, personal service - I highly recommend Bra Tenders!"

Mary Pat S.

"You are in good hands with Lori. She has a solution for every challenge and a fit for every body."

John K.

"I have been shopping at Bra Tenders for years. My number 1 bra place. No one comes close."

Angelina U.
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Bra Tenders has been supporting, sculpting, smoothing and shaping the heavenly bodies on Broadway stages for over three decades.

Our five-star, award-winning personal service helps women find foundation garments that fit and flatter, and uplift the body and soul. It’s our sincere vow to help you find the undergarments you need to look and feel your best—whether you’re performing in a brand new show, getting married, doing a headstand in yoga, or simply walking down the street. On the theatrical end, we help costume and wardrobe designers bring their vision to life.

With 81 bra sizes, you can rest easy knowing we have the perfect match for you.
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