Meet Our Fairy Bra Mother

Welcome to Bra Tenders I’m Lori Kaplan, the Head Fairy Bra Mother here. People often ask me, “how’d you get into this business?”  To which I reply, “It’s a long, convoluted story.” The short version is that I discovered an odd and uncanny talent for being able to look at someone and know their bra size, and also which bra would be best for their figure, while working at a crappy retail job in a schlock store near Rockefeller Center.  I was a 22-year-old college dropout, who also cut typing classes in high school and had no office skills. I fell into that job quite by chance and learned a lot about myself: who I am, who I am not, and who I’ll never be. 


My Life Behind Bras

Because of our proximity to the theater district, wardrobe supervisors and costume designers periodically popped into the shop to see if we had anything they needed, which at the time, in the early to mid-1970’s, was sheer to the waist support pantyhose. Rudy Gernreich had introduced the first thong underwear then too.  Each week, I heard new requests and researched sources for the products Broadway crews needed. Within 5 years, the business expanded for the first time. 5 years later, we expanded again. As our product mix became deeper and more diverse, we became a Go-To spot for tourists, and for women looking for solutions to wardrobe conundrums.  

I enjoy interacting with people, and am a curious, clever problem solver.  Long before Spanx came along, I was cutting the legs off my control top pantyhose because the girdle was still good, and it smoothed out my butt under pants without the dreaded VPL. When someone needed knee pads in a hurry for a performance piece, thick bust pads solved the problem in the moment.  I listen well and hear people express their needs, and genuinely want to be part of the solution.

Bra Tenders’ Mission 

Bra Tenders is built on relationships, and by contributing something positive and beneficial to the world.  Our mission is to empower people to look and feel beautiful and confident, and to express themselves as the best version of themselves. 

We continue to support the Broadway community, and larger entertainment realm of film, television, streaming services, stylists, and videos. It’s exciting to work beneath-the-behind- the-scenes and be part of creating magic.  

The staff at Bra Tenders consists of 4 women, including me. They are dedicated and valued team members, and each is devoted to the ideal of helping people love how they look and feel. Our customers deserve the star treatment, and we are fulfilled by providing just that. 

Bra Tenders Give Back

Being socially responsible, active and engaged is one of my core values.  We give back to our community in many ways.  

Bra Tenders is proud to support the following nonprofits and charities: