The Art of the Bra

BraTenders’ Founder and “Fairy Bra Mother” Lori Kaplan, has been uplifting and empowering women for 4 decades. Our team of Bra Fit Specialists has worked closely with stars on Broadway, TV, and beyond - all in a New York minute!

With 81 bra sizes, you can rest easy knowing we have the perfect match for you.

Never Settle For A Less Than Perfect Fit

If you’re here, chances are you've been wearing ill-fitting, improperly sized, uncomfortable bras. Stop us if you’ve been here before.

  • Does your bra hurt?
  • Does your bra ride up between your shoulder blades?
  • Can’t get the lift you want no matter how much you tighten the straps?

We’ve been there. You’ve tried everything. You’ve shopped everywhere. You maybe even tried to measure yourself! But you can’t seem to find that perfect fit. So you settle. You settle for something “close enough” because you couldn’t find the right bra fit. Women tend to settle for things that don’t satisfy us, we make do with so-so. But we all deserve the best, we are worthy. YOU are worthy.

It’s time to stop settling. It’s never selfish to invest in yourself - and that all starts with feeling (and looking) like your best self. We’re here to uplift you in every possible way.

Finding the Right Fit: In-Person and Virtual

Whether you’re living in New York or Los Angeles, we are ready and able to provide our uplifting experience through our in-person and virtual consultations. All appointments carry a $50 Fitting Fee. The fitting fee will be refunded for purchases over $150.

It’s not just bra fitting, it’s a life-altering experience that will boost your confidence. Book an appointment today!

In-Person Fittings

Our award-winning in-person fittings in the heart of New York City get you the undivided attention of our bra fit specialists. Our tried and true techniques will find you your perfect bra size by just looking. No tape measure. No confusing formulas. Just decades of experience that are Broadway and TV costume designers tested and approved.

We do all the work. Just show up and know you are in for a judgment-free, uplifting, and empowering experience. Once we find you the perfect bra size, we’ll help you try on bras from our wide selection of brands.

When it’s all said and done, you’ll walk out with perfect bras for you!

Virtual Consultations

Can’t make it to our shop? No worries! You can get our world-class service from the comfort of your home. Our virtual bra fittings come with the safety, privacy, and expertise you can expect from our in-person fitting. We’ll connect by Zoom and discuss proper fit, go over your measurements, and find your bra size starting points. Then we'll recommend brands we think will work for you, available for purchase on our website,

Bra sizings around the world aren’t universal but don’t worry. You can trust our expert opinion of your current bra fit, suggestions of brands, and what sizes you should shop for.

The Uplifting Experience - at Home!

Looking for a more personal experience? Let's discuss.