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Introducing our high quality, safe and effective chest binder for EVERYONE!

This binder is lovingly designed while keeping in mind safety and comfort for one's  growing body!  Feel like your true self in our comfortable and effective Apollo Binder!

Unlike other binders out there, we hone in on all the details that are necessary for all body types, especially our youth. With our careful design, we make sure to protect the growing body but maintain an effective compression.

We use top of the line, high quality fabrics and we worked tirelessly to create the best design that met all the needs of this garment. The Apollo Binder has been instrumental in helping individuals get the look they desire without harming their body. 


The front panel of our binder has a three-layer system that beautifully compresses the chest. Our binder does not hug the ribcage, which is awesome because it is still a very effective binder where it is needed, yet allows the wearer to breathe comfortably and grow with their body.

The  outer layer is spandex, the middle (compression) layer is organic cotton twill, and the lining is a nylon mesh. The back has two layers of spandex, which makes it easy to put on and take off, and also helps with breathability. Our binder has a scoop neckline and slightly lowered armholes so one can wear loose-fitting t-shirts and tank tops over and the binder remains discreet!

  • Triple layer front panel: spandex, cotton organic twill, and mesh
  • Two spandex back layers
  • Easy on and off
  • Machine wash cold and delicate; fluff to warm dry; lay flat; do not dry clean
  • Do not iron