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This boxer short features heat-fused technology cuts that skirt the buttocks, and because they are strategically placed, they achieve an enhancing effect and a more rounded shape. It also has an ergonomic design in the front that fits your body and gives you total comfort and safety. Its front mesh facilitates the passage of air so that you feel fresh all the time. It is made of a very soft to the touch, lightweight material. Its flat seams make it invisible and it won’t show through your clothes; besides, the elastic waistband is ultra comfortable. Perfect for everyday wear or special occasions, it's not just a boxer, it's technology applied to your underwear!

Detailed Features

  • A boxer short with heat-fused technology cuts under glutes for butt enhancing effect.
  • A boxer short.
  • Ergonomic front for greater comfort.
  • Breathable front mesh.
  • Lightweight, soft to the touch fabric.
  • Ultra soft & flat elastic waistband, invisible seams make it undetectable under clothing.
  • Good for everyday use or speciall occasions.